Smooth Transitions

The other day I was thinking about Jackass. A bunch of dudes standing around hurting one another and laughing extremely hard. From paper cuts to all manner of painful penis persecution, the more it hurts, the louder the laughter. I was thinking that if the concept of "violence=laughter" brought this program to it's logical conclusion, you'd have a bunch of dudes standing around shooting each other, and themselves, in the heads. Imagine Steve-O standing there with a big dumb grin saying "I can't believe I agreed to this!". He's standing in front of a brick wall splashed with fresh gore. Johnny Knoxville comes up with a .44 magnum in his hand, puts it to the side of Steve-O's head and blows his fucking brains all over that wall. Steve-O's lifeless body collapses, head destroyed, and proceeds to bleed out. Everyone laughs their asses off, hi-five-ing one another and talking about who is going to be next.

Also, Laura and I are going to be roommates! My current roommate (Adrian) is going to be moving into an apartment in this building, and Laura is going to move in. We're both optimistic about the future, and excited about this transition :)

By the way, do you like that nice smooth transition from Steve-O to relationship update? Thanks, I pride myself on my smooth transitions. Maybe I should make that my rapper name: Smooth Transitions. Speaking of which (I almost don't want to mention this because it commits me at a deeper level then I'm ready for, I think), I was thinking about writing some rap songs and performing them at an open mic. I think that would be the most nerve wracking thing I could imagine, but I think I could do it. For some reason rapping in front of people is a thousand times harder then singing and/or playing the guitar.

Smooth Transitions. I think it's growing on me...