Clemmenth Clarenth Parenthoud

I listen to NPR most mornings on my commute to work, it's been my primary inlet for news and current events. A funny thing I've noticed is that they love saying "fiscal cliff". Before that, the beloved phrase was "super storm Sandy". Next it will be "Clemmenth clarenth parenthoud".

Which leads me to this next thing. I have a video on youtube I'd like to share, even though it's a little embarrassing. I went to the housewarming party for my old roommate, Adrian. I've probably mentioned this, but Adrian moved into an apartment in the same building, one floor down from where he lived with me. At his housewarming party, he was serving a beverage you might be familiar with, and Adrian is famous for. It's called "Jungle Juice" and it contains Hawaiian Punch and Everclear. It's delicious. It's deliciously unassuming. I over-indulged. It was one of those regrettable situations where I was standing in Adrian's kitchen talking to him and his friends, then I was waking up in bed with a massive headache and an emergent need to throw-up. During the period of non-remembrance (a much nicer term for "black-out", dontcha think?) Laura took a short video of me as I was trying to communicate something.

here's the link:

I added subtitles, so if anyone has any ideas about what I might be saying, please comment.