Blue Lagoon

Seems there's suddenly a lot to update on here. I guess I'll start with the car situation. I decided to keep the bug, at least through the season, but possibly more permanently. With the decision to keep it, I decided to do some repairs that need to be done, but weren't necessarily required to place it on the market. Last week I sunk a little more then five hundred dollars into it, then yesterday morning (or Monday night) it was stolen. So now I'm back on the bike. This situation is sweating irony because I got that car to drive through this very season. I filed a police report, called my insurance to file a claim, now it's nothing but waiting. I've made a very conscious decision to not stress about this, as it's so far outside my control. It's definitely jading my already soured opinions about humanity, but I already knew people in general are pieces of shit, so I should expect to be shit on at some point. Perhaps that point has arrived. One thing's for sure: I don't need to deal with this right now, but I'm going to anyway. Life is.......

Another item, one more exciting, Laura and I got a restaurant corner booth to use as a dining room table, even though it's in the living room (since the pool table is in the dining room...). It's the cutest thing you've ever seen, it's a 1948 red vinyl with white piping, matching red formica table, all in superb shape. It spent it's entire life in someones home, so it's not all warn from being in service to the food service industry. It's seriously gorgeous :)

Another item, probably the most exciting, Laura has given me an early Christmas present which is a trip to Reykjavik! I've been thinking that my next international trip would probably be to the Iceland capitol, but I didn't think it would be happening so soon! Apparently Laura's friend knew of this special for airfare and lodging for 3 days there, we'll probably swim in the actual blue lagoon :) We're going mid February, so it should be nice and cold there.

I've been writing a lot lately, poetry mostly. I sometimes think of it as potential rap/hip-hop lyrics. I had a little section written with cadence and rhythm and everything, then I recorded it into Garage Band. A sudden, stark realization came to me: I cannot enter the "rap game" as a 35 year old white man. I may have street cred for all my health struggles, but I'm not a rapper. What, then, are these writings? And furthermore, why do artists (almost) always aim to put their productions in the public eye (or ear)? Can art be created just to please the artist? I know that must be happening at least some of the time. Is it because artists are people who are craving some form of applause or attention? A pat on the back and an attaboy? Why is it the artists default to display their stuff? I know I want to display the stuff I make, but I just wonder what my motivations are. Perhaps what I write is just prose, to be used strictly to keep my head in line. It's definitely a productive outlet for thoughts and feelings that I can't get out any other way. Should I turn it into slam poetry? That seems like the next logical step, but that's such an urbanite hipster thing to be involved in.

Whatever. I'll probably keep writing and stuff as a form of masturbating my creative penis.