The Saga Continues

They found the bug. I got a call right before my lunch break (10:30) from the Seattle police saying they found it parked in Georgetown. Luckily Laura has Mondays off and was available to drive me down there to try and pick it up. It was in one piece, missing the rear license plate, flat front/passenger side tire, the front of the steering wheel had been pried off, the ignition had been destroyed, and the inside was coated with WD-40 (to erase finger prints, I'm told). Nothing was stolen (stereo, speakers, etc...). I called my mechanic and he taught me, over the phone, how to hot-wire the car. This was my first time ever hot wiring a car, which I thought was a nice "first" to have today.

I'm looking on the bring side.

I took my spare tire to a collision shop to fill it with air, then back to the bug to install it. I got it running with the hot-wire method, then found out the steering wheel was all fucked up and wouldn't steer left. So I called a tow truck, and my insurance company, it was towed to a garage near my apartment, and I'm awaiting the word from them to see if it's a total loss or not. I think there's a strong chance it is.

In the mean time I'm driving a rental car, courtesy of Safeco.