New Lens Part Two

I'm not sure how to describe that surgery. I was under the impression it would be a "conscious sedation" type of situation, perhaps something I would have no real recollection of. There was an anesthesiologist there who gave me a shot of something in my i.v. that was supposed to be that drug, the one to calm me right the heck down. It did almost nothing, was barely noticeable.

He wheeled my bed down the hall, one floor down on the elevator, and into the operating room. I joked around with the staff in the operating room. They were playing the Pandora station from my favorite hip-hop group "Atmosphere" as they bound my arms down under a blanket tucked in snug. This was to suppress the urge to reach up to your eye when it's being worked on. This wasn't my first time in a situation like this, and I was trying the best I could to just breathe and be calm.

They numbed up my eye, inside and out. then they put a eyelid spreader in place. Then they placed a sticky plastic sheet over the whole area and cut a small hole right over the left eye, leaving the right eye covered by the white plastic. they then tucked my top and bottom eye lashes under the sticky edge and sealed them back and out of the way of the surgeon.

Because of the uveitis I've been dealing with, my pupil sticks to my iris, and when it's dilated the pupil looks clover shaped. Those adhesions need to be broken before they can proceed with the surgery, so that's what he started with. I then asked him to not tell me what he was doing. He extracted my old lens and inserted a new artificial one. It was really fucking weird. Not entirely painless. The thought of going through this again on the right eye makes me want to throw up, but it's going to happen.

I was looking through the facebook news feed this morning and it was funny how there's all these nice pictures of people enjoying new year's festivities, and here and there is creepy pictures of a man in an eye patch wearing a hospital gown. I think they are kinda funny, that's why I posted them, but when I look back at the context of those pictures within an overall narrative of fun and celebration, I feel a little embarrassed...

All in all the eye is doing fine. Still a little blurry but I can already se a pretty stark difference between the eyes. The new lens has much brighter whites and darker blacks. Probably like a regular eye.