New Eye

It's been a few days since receiving my new eye lens, and it's still a little blurry, but the difference between my right eye (old) and left eye (new) is quite amazing. It's interesting that I'm being given this little opportunity to have direct, immediate appreciation for my eye sight. If I had both eyes done at the same time (I actually wish this could have been the case, to get it over with all at once, but because of my overlying inflammation issues the doctor wanted to do them one at a time) I would have definitely noticed a difference, but I wouldn't be able to switch back and forth between old-eye and new-eye.

The ability to switch back and forth is quite strange. I knew my eye sight was failing, that the cataracts were taking hold before the doctor told me so. I was seeing fuzzy flair around bright lights at night. Things took on a quality I can only describe as reminiscent of the way Cybill Shephard was filmed in the show "Moonlighting", with a slightly soft focus to enhance her soft features. It's not quite blurry, just soft focus. Like a picture in a Hallmark card. Pretty in certain situations, but pretty impractical for ordinary life.

I was told cataracts, when developing naturally, can take years to really set in. That's often why they are only seen on older folk. When they are being caused by something like steroid eye drops (like mine), they move pretty fast. I was definitely noticing the rapid degradation.

Not to be all dramatic or anything. It's just interesting to get an instant side-by-side, a before-and-after simply by blinking my eyes back and forth. It's so strange. It looks like a smoker has been living a reclusive lifestyle inside my right eye for years. The left eye looks so, so clean. It's still a little blurry, but the difference is so stark. I was looking at some of the art work I've been working on, one in particular I was really starting to fear the paper was yellowing badly. I couldn't believe how fast it took for the paper to yellow as much as it appeared. Then I switch to the new-eye and it the old yellowed paper turns stark white. This is especially noticeable in the bathroom. It looks normal enough out of the right (old) eye, then I switch to the left and the toilet and sink look WHITE. It looks like everything in the whole world has been scrubbed and polished to a high shine.

All in all, I'm still not looking forward to the right-eye surgery, but getting my full eye sight back is going to be amazing.