Last Cataract Surgery

Good morning,

Today is my last cataract surgery. I'll be checking in at 6:30 this morning to get my right eye lens replaced with a new one. This will be pretty much identical to the one I had replaced back on New year's eve. Just as a recap, my cancer treatment drug (Vemurafenib) causes eye inflammation called uveitis which needs to be treated with prednosolone eye drops. The prednosolone causes my eye pressure to increase, so I take Combigan and Xalatan eye drops (or iDrops, as Laura has been calling them...). It also causes cataracts to form and grow, which is why I'm having this surgery. The new lens they put in is no longer susceptible to cataracts, so I'll be able to use the prednosolone indefinitely to suppress the uveitis after these new lenses get installed. I'll also need glasses after this, so if you catch me looking a little extra smart, that's why...

This ordeal with my eyes hasn't been the most uncomfortable aspect of my cancer treatment regimen, but it has been very, very challenging. I'm really glad to be having this surgery today, and I'm looking forward to having two very clear (although very synthetic) eye lenses.