The New-New Eye

Good morning again :)

The surgery yesterday was much more comfortable then the one before. They were a little more generous with sedative drugs this time. They had to put me completely out, but only briefly so they could give me a shot behind the right eye to paralyze it so if I was sleeping during the surgery I wouldn't move the eye. I did fall asleep some time before they started prepping the eye with all the drops and what-not. I woke up right as the new lens was sliding into place, and I instantly filled with gratitude that I wasn't awake and aware for his cutting the adhesions between my iris and my old lens. That was pretty gnarly last time.

That eye-paralyzing shot, I was told, would last at least 8 hours, so when I removed my patch yesterday to start putting eye drops in, the eye just rolled into the corner and I got the most sickening double vision you could imagine. The Dr. warned me that would be the case, but it was still very disorienting. He said that it should be more normal by this morning, and behold, it is! There's still a little double vision, but the doubling is very close together, yesterday the doubling made things look like they were on opposite sides of the room entirely, and tilted about 25 degrees from center. Even though the right eye is still pretty dilated, it looks like it's going to heal clearer then the left eye. This should be interesting.