The New-New Eye Part Two

The surgery was a success. The anesthesiologist also did a better job, during the previous lens replacement, I was, more or less, completely conscious and aware. I got a little squirmy, but who wouldn't get squirmy when razor blades are introduced into your eyeballs? Pupil spreader, anyone? This time around I pretty much said I needed to be sedated at least some. The Dr. also gave me a shot behind my eye to paralyze it so it wouldn't be moving during the procedure. The last thing I remember was chatting it up with the O.R. staff, the next thing I know he's sliding the new lens into place, which is the last part of the already-short operation. I remember being instantly grateful.

I left the eye patch on till about 3:00 (I was home from the hospital a little before 10am). The surgeon warned me that when I remove it, I'm going to have some pretty weird double vision because of the behind-the-eye paralyzing shot he gave me. The eye was going to be paralyzed for at least 8 hours, but probably more. I could tell the eye was moving around in the bandage, so I thought the effects had worn off. Once the patch came off, I instantly realized how wrong I was.

The eye was completely crossed into the corner. I looked fucking freaky. It felt fucking freaky. It was very disorienting. I was looking mostly out of the eye that was not operated on, since that was the only one that would point at the mirror. I made it out into the living room, sat on the love seat and looked across the living room at a guitar sitting in it's stand. The double vision made it look like the guitar was in opposite corners of the room. I'd focus on the guitar on the left, but when I'd go to look at the guitar on the right, it would move away from my viewing. I couldn't try this game too much because it was profoundly creepy. I put the eye patch back on, and left it there (taking it off for more eye drops only) till the next morning. By then the eye had returned to a more normal state, at least in terms of motion.

It looks like the right eye (the one that was operated on Tuesday) is going to heal clearer then the left eye. Lefty has been very slightly out of focus, it turns out I have astigmatism (or is it 'I have an astigmatism'?) very slightly, and the organic lens I was born with compensated for it. The new lens can't focus itself, so the astigmatism is readily apparent. The astigmatism in the right eye must be less then the left, it's healing more clearly. I'll probably still need glasses, but it won't be until the eyes completely calm down from all the excitement.

Sorry for the length of this posting, I didn't mean to write a danged book about it...