The New Bikes

Wallingford is a much more bike friendly neighborhood then Capitol Hill. My previous neighborhood even has the word "hill" right there in the name. The hills there are not impossible to ride, but it makes a leisurely bike ride nearly impossible unless one is supremely conditioned. I am not this. At one time I may have been adequately conditioned, but never in my most rabid bicycling days was I ever supremely conditioned.

All this to say that Laura and I got some bikes a couple weekends ago. We went down to REI and test rode a few different models, and picked out some that would make good day-trippers and grocery runners. Last Sunday we rode down to the Burke-Gilman, then out to the Ballard Sunday market. It was a wonderful ride, that market is truly a sight to behold, full of fresh produce, meat and fish. A huge gathering of city folk all looking for locally grown provisions for the week ahead. Plenty of street musicians keeping the atmosphere lively.

I've probably mentioned this before, but one of the side effects of my treatment medication is the development of cysts. I've had many of these little guys removed, but I have one that is making it difficult to fully enjoy the ownership and usefulness of my new bike. It's making a home right in my crotch, slightly left of center. I can still sit down to ride, but I have to tilt over to my right cheek, which isn't very ergonomic. This has been developing in that location for a few months now, but I've been in a state of denial over it, not wanting my dermatologist to have to scoop it out, trying to imagine the posture I would have to assume to accomplish such a task. Riding out to the Ballard farmer's market I realized I must come out of denial, I must face the music and have him poke and prod at this most personal patch of my body. I must enjoy my bike. I must ride.

Thats about it. I'm going in for this appointment in about 45 minutes. I'll try to post an update shortly, after I return from the appointment, and after I spend some time curled up in the shadows, recovering from my shame...