Public Nudity

The treatment of the cyst from my previous post wasn't as bad as it had the potential of being. I had to lay on the exam table on my side with my knees together and bent, as though I was getting ready to be spooned. Then I pulled down my sweat pants so the doctor could get a nice clear look at the area in question. He poked at it a few times, gave it a gentle squeeze, and determined the best way to deal with it was with a few injections of cortisone. He warned me by saying it wasn't going to be very comfortable, but it ended up not even being that bad. By the afternoon it was already reduced in size, and within a few days it was almost gone. This isn't a permanent solution, there's a good chance it'll come back, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now I'm able to ride my bike in comfort.

Last weekend Laura took me to a retreat center near Salem Oregon for a yearly gathering of massage therapists. Needless to say, it was very relaxing, as these are a people who make it their business to understand and promote relaxing in every possible way. This facility is called Breitenbush Hot Springs, so as you might imagine by the name there's lots of public nudity. I was slightly anxious about this, as I'm a little more conservative about being naked in front of a bunch of strangers. It turns out taking off your trunks in front of people is a little like jumping off the high-dive. I just gave myself a little three-count and stripped right down. It was quite liberating actually, only wearing my tattoos.

We left Saturday morning and returned Monday evening. I decided to take a couple extra days off to get my car in for an oil change on Tuesday, then I have two doctor's appointments today, one with my ophthalmologist who performed my eye surgeries, and the other with Dr. Thompson. I'll be able to discuss my "retirement" plans with Dr. T, as he is going to be an instrumental player in making this happen for me.

I haven't exactly started the paper chain countdown for this yet, but it should be in the next 2-3 months. Definitely before Christmas. I'm trying to be patient and thoughtful about this, but it's tough. I wish it were happening tomorrow.