Cyst Removal An Other Sordid Tales

The crotch cyst returned. The cortisone shots relieved the inflammation for about two-and-a-half weeks, but then it returned with force. I called the dermatologist and set up an appointment to have it dealt with once and for all. I was hoping to avoid this final solution, because it's basically having minor surgery, but there's really no getting around it. I have to have that thing dealt with or I would never really be able to enjoy my new bicycle.

The appointment was set for yesterday after work. I woke up like usual, thought to myself "only a few more months of this", made breakfast, checked my e mail, then discovered someone had smashed the front passenger window of my car and taken my stereo. I filed the police report and went to work. After dealing with my insurance company I set an appointment to have the window replaced this morning at 8. Then I found out the thief had gotten Laura's car too. Smashed out her little triangle window and stolen her stereo and all her cd's.

This was turning out to be a shit day.

After work, I came home and showered, washed out my butt pretty thoroughly, then went to my cyst appointment. Having that thing drained was pretty bad. I'd say it wasn't as bad as having the cataract lens replaced, but it was probably a close second. I have a pressure dressing on there now, I'm supposed to clean and redress it every 24 hours for a week, then I should be ok for more bike riding.

Hopefully today will be an improvement on yesterday.