The Approval

I've been procrastinating this blog update for some time now. I've been waiting on my approval from social security disability that I applied for on Jan 9th to see if I can move toward a more "retired" state of being. I've discussed this in previous blog posts, but social security has something called "compassionate allowance" that is, more or less, an automatic approval for people with certain diagnoses. My diagnosis is on that list, so I thought I'd dig into it and see if I could become approved. For whatever reason I didn't want to post an update on this blog till I received the approval in the mail. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I got the approval in the mail today. I won't be receiving actual money till August, but I've prepared for this and am gleefully looking forward to the challenge. This is the dawn of a whole new age in the life of Joshua Monuteaux. I'd say the future is looking quite bright.