Need That Run

A confirmation bias can be a tricky landscape to navigate. We have confirmation biases around us all the time and are barely aware we're heeding to them. It's like thinking that all asian woman are lousy drivers (simply for the sake of illustration, of course), every time you see an example of this it serves to confirm and support your original idea. What you don't do is observe every Asian woman who is driving safely as a support for the opposite claim (that Asian woman are safe drivers). You pay attention to the hits and ignore the misses.

I'm trying to actively feed and nourish a confirmation bias that has nothing to do with bad drivers. I'm in search of the proverbial "runner's high". I'm sure the runner's high is most likely real, but it seems just intangible enough that I could probably manifest it using something like a confirmation bias. When I go for a jog I can set my mind to be on the look out for feelings that might just be symptoms of a runner's high. When I feel something that might just be that, I'll count it in my head as a hit and ignore the nausea or the burning in my chest and legs as support of the opposite claim (in this case, the opposite claim would be that running hurts and sucks, which it kinda does, but that's why I'm putting myself through this intentional deception. But is it really deception? Is it???).

I want to want to run. I want to feel strange if I don't get my run in. That's what this is about. Making myself need that run.