The Mantra

It seems a little strange to apply and be approved for disability, then proceed to engage in jogging and hiking and other various strenuous exercises. I'm almost reluctant to blog about this stuff in fear that I'll be "found out" even though my approval has more to do with my diagnosis then it does an inability to be mobile.

That being said, getting in shape like I have been over the last couple months has been really good for me (understatement). Between the stairs I've been climbing to the jogging around Greenlake, I feel like I have a whole new pair of legs. I've never worked out this way before, and it's making me wonder what I was waiting for.

It hasn't been all funyuns and pink popcorn though, it's been a lot of work. I've done a pretty good job at trying to find different ways to make it easier on myself, like making a playlist that is the same length of time I want to be on the stair machine. This way I don't have to look at the clock counting down (which hurts me) and I can track my progress by how many songs are left. My next step in my mental games is to make a jogging playlist out of songs that are all the same tempo as my foot falls, so I just have to run to the beat of the music.

Laura suggested I come up with a mantra I can repeat to myself as a means of getting through some tough spots in the workout. I realized I already have one that I repeat quite often. It really helps to keep things in perspective. The mantra is: "I beat cancer"