Bryan Made Me Do This

Bryan made me want to step up my game if people are going to be compelled to comment on my writing. So here goes:

Through the cloud's part, sunlight pours down on beams of diaphanous translucence.  The surface of Barclay Lake is positively alive with the intense sparkle of the sun's specular reflection, appearing as diamonds of the purest clarity sprinkled upon an undulating black silken membrane. Somewhere, far off in the distance and above our current altitude, a waterfall sursurrates it's unbroken soft song. A trout, compelled by hunger, leaps to dine upon a gnat whose guard has been lowered undoubtedly by the tranquil mood. Then another trout leaps. Then another. The friscalating dusk light brings with it a brisk evening chill as it heralds the onset of night. Ever the diurnal creature, my head now lain upon a pillow of clothing stuffed inside a nylon sack. Heaviness draws at my weary eyes, and soon I am overtaken in sleep's tranquil rapture.