4 Degrees Warmer

I received an e mail this morning to inform me my previous blog at 4degreeswarmer.tumblr.com is now 5 years old. I started that blog soon after my stage 4 diagnosis when I needed a way to let everyone know how my doctor's appointments were going and how that process was coming along without having to contact each person individually to let them know. It was a real time saver. I left that blog after about a year due to issues with the comments section or something like that, and I made this blog you are now reading. If you'd like the entire back story, float on over to that tumblr blog, it's all still there. I don't remember if I wrote anything worth reading, but there you go.

Now that I think about it, it's not the entire back story. It's just the story from the stage 4 diagnosis. I still had a history of cancer treatment that stretched another year and a half before that. I wish I had started blogging back then, to record my impressions about what I was going through. Those chemo days were really hard. It was so much more difficult then it even seemed at the time. I know that doesn't make much sense, but that five-or-so month run of chemo was basically hell. I still didn't think my situation was truly dire until all that was finished, nine quiet months passed, then I found out about the disease progression. Then I knew.

But I'm still here. And I'm climbing mountains. And I feel fucking awesome. Tomorrow will be a day-hike out to Melakwa Lake where we'll practice setting up a rain shelter to cook under. I know I just ended that last sentence with a preposition, but I'm going to just ask you, the reader, to accept it and move on.