Balls Out

KatiRose and I played an open mic Tuesday at Tim's Tavern in Greenwood. It would be the first time we've played publicly where no one showed up. I don't mean this in an ill-humored, brooding sort of way or anything, it was actually interesting to be in that position. Can we still put on a good performance where no one knows us and our weird style? Would people still laugh at all the appropriate spots? I can't say they found us terribly funny, but they nodded along, clapped at the end of all three songs, and treated us very fairly.

Tim's Tavern is so blue-collar it makes Bruce Springsteen seem every bit the millionaire he really is. 4 out of 5 guys had wiry hippy pony tails. The average age, not including us, was about fifty. It was a very casual atmosphere with a very relaxed dress code. So relaxed, in fact, that there was a gentleman in attendance wearing a pair of old basketball shorts that had a giant hole directly in the crotch (he was commando). He was sitting there, fairly drunk if I had to guess, legs unselfconsciously akimbo with his balls unambiguously exposed. At one point, I think I even spied the glans of his penis.

Overall it was a terrific experience I wouldn't mind repeating. Next time we'll give a little more advanced notice and we'll get the Chapsy Army out in full force, exposed glans and all!!!