Mature Audiences

Laura and I enjoy watching Workaholics on Hulu. The show is pretty funny and goofy, not super intelligent or anything, just basic immature toilet-type humor. The strange thing is that we are warned before every show that it is "intended for mature audiences only". I can't imagine a mature audience laughing much at the jokes that come up on a typical episode of Workaholics. It's pretty funny though, if you've laughed at Office Space, you'll probably like Workaholics.

Another interesting observation: I've noticed that a lot of conversations with friends and family contain discussions about television shows. "What shows have you been watching" is a common question. I don't want to drone on about a "technological revolution" or the wonder of "the internet age" or lament about the ways the internet changed what was familiar. I do think it's interesting what has become of TV shows, and the advent of "binge watching". I don't do a ton of binge watching, more then a couple episodes of anything is usually enough (with a few exceptions).

What have you been watching? How many episodes would you consider a binge? What is (are) your favorite show(s) of the last 5 years? I'd have to go with Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Six Feet Under, The Wire, a nod to The Sopranos even though it isn't from the last 5 years...