I So Will

When I'm running around Greenlake I have this weird tendency to think every other runner I see is a seasoned expert no matter what their apparent physical condition is. Like everyone is having an easier time than me. This is obviously not true, some of those folks are on their first run of their lives. Some people I see running are probably smack dab in the middle of a truly amazing life transformation. I would probably put myself in that category.

Yesterday Laura and I got back from a one-night hiking adventure out to the Foss lakes (Trout Lake, Copper Lake, Little Heart Lake and finally Big Heart Lake). This was about 7.5 miles in with about 3300 feet of elevation gain. Needless to say, it was damn exhausting.

We made camp and set up the tent. The mosquitoes were aggressive as hell, so we promptly climbed into the tent and relaxed until dinner. As we were laying there we started talking about our Pacific Crest Trail hike planned for later in August. 7 days of hiking with about 10 miles per day. After what we had just done, the thought of getting up the next morning only to strap the pack back on and hike another 10 miles seemed crazy. Am I ready for this? I've been on a lengthy hiking trip before, but I was 18 at the time, and that was only for 5 days.

So, I've decided if I want to have anything other then a miserable time on the PCT, I better step up my training. There's no way I'm skipping the PCT just because I didn't do enough conditioning. But at least that is a detail I'm in complete control over, I just have to do it. And I will. I so will...