Let's use our imaginations for a minute. I want you to imagine a leader in our society, maybe a business leader or a community leader, someone who is likely to inspire. Maybe a prominent athlete or actor, maybe a high-powered CEO. Imagine them giving some sort of public address in front of a crowd of people who are enthusiastically cheering. 

Now imagine that person openly and shamelessly mocking a handicapped person, then seeing the crowd erupt in cheers and applause. Imagine the person at the podium demeaning a prisoner of war, saying they only like people who don't get caught. As if there were something inherently wrong with a POW because they were captured. 

Imagine the absolute shit show this would become. Imagine how the conservatives of this country would rise up against someone who would say such awful things about someone who has been captured and imprisoned by enemy combatants. The GOP has always been the party to stand up for veterans and POW's. They would never be found defending the actions of someone diminishing what a POW experienced. 

How can it be that they voted Donald Trump into the presidency? Where is the disconnect? I don't think I'll ever understand this, and I will certainly not get over it. If you voted for Trump, you have made a statement that it is ok to mock the handicapped. You are saying it's ok to publicly diminish the trauma experienced by POW's. You have given your stamp of approval for the insane things Trump has done and said. You have said "It is ok for out president to behave this way". IT is not ok. 

I am especially surprised by Christians who have sided with him. Just so you know, you have now lost any moral high-ground. You can no longer point to any candidates immorality as a justification to not vote for them. That time is now past. 

I can understand a frustration with "political correctness". I listen to some podcasts that are a celebration of anti political correctness, and I laugh at the content. Its terrible. However, I am able to separate the part of me that gets a rise out of non-politically correct humor, and what I think is acceptable behavior for the POTUS. Mocking the disabled, diminishing the experience of a POW, unacceptable

There is so much more Trump has done and said that I have such a problem with, but these two things stand out for me. I know there's the "Access Hollywood" tape, the attacks on the Muslim "Gold-Star" family, etc. I just can't believe he lasted past mocking the handicapped reporter and his comments on John McCain. 

Conservatives just cheered. The fucking cheered. Then they voted. 

This country is so much different then I thought it was. Obviously, I live in a bubble. Being smacked in the face with this fact has been very fucking sobering.