In The Wake

I have a very hard time understanding why Trump supporters have this attitude that Clinton supporters should stop protesting. Can they not scrounge up one single spec of empathy? Can they not understand the utter and complete shit-show that would have ensued had Trump lost the election? I'm going to speculate that if this had gone another way, the protests you'd see would be a lot more violent, with a lot more guns. How frustratingly short sighted to demand that people simply stop crying around about it and accept the results. Calling liberals who are upset with the election "a bunch of crybabies" is so very short sighted

I would also like to speak to all the reports bubbling up pertaining to discrimination and hate-speech that have arisen since the election. I read the opinion of one commentator that said something to the effect of any transition like this being likely to be followed by a rash of people lashing out in this way (I agree with this assessment). It happened after Obama got elected in '08, the commentator added. (Today I'm the self-appointed king of speculation) I'll go out on a limb and say that any racist lashing-out that occurred in the wake of Obama's victory (there was racist lashing out) was probably not the actions of people who supported him. Probably it was coming from the alt-right. And now what do we see? The alt right making their voices heard once again. Can anyone else see this pattern emerging? 

Anyway, way to go, America.