A Couple Thoughts

Of all the nasty shit Trump has done and said, all the braggadocious immoral loud mouthing he has done through the course of his campaign (or through the course of his life), I can't believe that any self-respecting evangelical Christian would support an actual casino owner for president. Perhaps church has changed dramatically since I was a part of it, but I just can't imagine an evangelical Christian supporting that guy. When I was in church, gambling was considered a sin. We talked about Las Vegas like it was the den of Satan. The City of Sin. 

This isn't to say all Christians support him for president, But I'd be willing to bet you're not likely to find many atheist among those ranks. I'm gong to hazard a guess that all of his followers are mostly, if not all, Christian. If Trump were running for the Democratic seat, Christians would be loosing their minds over all the immortality that Trump has such an obvious record of. How can this be? How can he be the front runner for the party of family values? Five children from three marriages? What the Hell is going on here? Imagine for just one second (I know I'm not the first person to be pointing this out) if Hillary Clinton had five children from three marriages. Imagine the absolute shit-show it would be turned into. No one has said shit about this when it comes to Trump. 

"puff, puff"

*Josh blows into the mic

"Is this thing even on??"

One more thing, then I'm done. It makes me sick to think of all the money that has been spent through these campaigns. A quick Google of the phrase "how much has the presidential campaign cost" gets me to a Washington Post article (it was the first result) that states that the Clinton campaign has raised 1.3 billion, and the Trump campaign has raised 795 million. Just for the campaigns. Imagine how many college tuitions could have been paid with all that money? All the health care costs, all the housing for people in need. Imagine how many schools could get the resources they need to properly educate our children. It's such a shocking, disgusting waste of money, and I can't believe this is how we pick a president. The system has clearly gotten away with itself because of money and greed. We really ought to have a lottery for the POTUS. Then we could focus a little more resources on feeding starving children.